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DOSAMAwas formally registered with Company Registrar Office Islamabad in 17th July 2000, under partnership act 1932.
   Registration No :    RF/ICT/5025 of 2000.
DOSAMAis registered with Federal Board of Revenue! Government of Pakistan in following:-
   General Sales Tax :    0701999912855
   Income Tax            :    3033070-0
DOSAMAis registered with Revenue Department Islamabad for Professional Tax.
   Commercial Tax    :   
DOSAMAis registered with Aaccountant General of Pakistan.
   Commercial Tax    :  
Maj (R) Muhammad Naeem-ud-din. Khalid - Chief Executive
Mrs. Gulzar Fatima
Mrs. Saira Kanwal Sana
Mr. M.Arsalan ud din. Khalid
Miss Aruza Naeem -  Company Secretary
  Advertising, Publicity, Documentry related Equipment\Services\ Material.
  Architecting, Designing & Implementing Mega Projects.
  Calendestine / Securtiy digital Equipments.
  Communication & Digital Media  Equipments.
  Consultancy & implementation of Total Security solution.
  Consltancy in construction/ Construction Material.
  Construction/ Construction Material.
  Furniture Items (Domestic / Office).
  General Store Items
  Information technology Related Items.
  Medicine, Medical and Surgical Equipments.
  Provision Home / Office equipments.
  Repair & Maintenance against item mentioned above.
  Spares & Tyres being used in Vehicles (All Types).
  Stationary & Computer Stationary/Accessary/ Toner Cartridges & related Items.

  Supply of Reference Books, Text Books  & Technical Education Books.



  Company Info  Contact us No:9 Ground Floor, United Plaza 96E,  Blue Area, A.K.Fazal-ul-Haq Road, Islamabad.  Tel: +92-51-2273747, +92-51-2201928, Fax: +92-51-2274799